The octane as tested in a single-cylinder octane test engine at more severe operating conditions. Motor octane number (MON) affects high-speed and part-throttle knock and performance under load, passing, climbing, and other operating conditions. Motor octane is represented by the designation M in the (R+M)/2 equation and is the lower of the two numbers.

A fuel oxygenate used as an additive to gasoline to increase octane and reduce engine knock.  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, MTBE has been detected in ground water across the country, sometimes contaminating drinking water. Recent work by EPA and other researchers is expected to help determine the potential for health effects from MTBE in drinking water.

A fatty ester formed when organically derived oils are combined with methanol in the presence of a catalyst. Methyl Ester has characteristics similar to petroleum-based diesel motor fuels.

A stand-alone meter in the fuel stream that allows the entry of gallons to be transferred made manually. The metering system activation is made via a lever-operated valve that triggers the pump “start” to move the fuel through the system. The fuel flow is hydraulically registered through the manual preset meter.

85% methanol and 15% unleaded gasoline by volume, used as a motor fuel in FFVs.


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