We have a reputation for solving difficult technical challenges and producing products that are customized to meet our customer's demands.  Our products are formulated and tested in our state of the art lab ensuring that our customer's standards are met every time.

We develop all of our products in accordance with an ISO 9001 system and are certified to internationally recognized standards.  Our quality control department guarantees that nothing leaves our manufacturing facility unless it meets our stated specifications.  Our commitment to quality gives our customer's complete confidence in our ADVANTAGE branded products.


Batched, Metered, and In-line Blending Process

Flexibility is at the heart of our plant.  We have several systems in house that utilize Batch, Metered, and In-line based blending techniques allowing for an efficient means of producing large and small volume blends. Generally all base oils and bulk additives are connected to the top of the mixing kettles by dedicated lines to avoid contamination and accommodate automatic operation with minimal labor.


All base stocks and bulk additives are weighed into the kettle.  Additives in drums are also weighed using a drum decanting unit and solid components are hand added based on instructions provided to the operator by the control system

Once all components have been charged into the thermally controlled kettle, ingredients are mechanically mixed into a homogeneous solution at the proper temperature.

After mixing, the contents of the kettle are transferred to a downstream holding and mixing tank. This allows the filling and mixing stages to be repeated if the blend size exceeds the kettle capacity.

After the final batch has been mixed and transferred into the holding tank, the mixing kettle is rinsed with a neutral oil to make it ready for the next blend. The rinse volume is usually transferred into the holding tank.

Final Mixing
The blend, including the rinse, is mixed to a homogeneous, metered and formulated on-spec, product in the holding tank.