To change a vehicle or engine after its original purchase, usually by adding equipment such as conversion systems.

The octane as tested in a single-cylinder octane test engine operated under less severe operating conditions. RON affects low-to medium-speed knock and engine run-on. Research Octane is presented by the designation R in the (R+M)/2 equation and is the higher of the two numbers.

The 38-digit number required by RFS1 – Renewable Fuels Standard for tracking and managing the transactions from the manufacturer/producer to the distributor. On July 1, 2010 under final rule RFS2 a new system, EMTS – EPA Moderated Transaction System, will go into effect and used to generate, sell, buy, separate or retire RINs as they are now known.

Another term for biofuel as the base/feedstock material from which the fuel is manufactured can be renewed or grown again.  Once petroleum based fuels are burned they are depleted.

VOC vapors that escape from the vehicle fuel tank during refueling. Storage II pump controls and onboard refueling vapor recovery systems (ORVR) are intended to control these emissions.

Gasolines that have had their compositions or characteristics altered to reduce vehicular emissions of pollutants, particularly pursuant to EPA regulations under the CAA.


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